Year 2017

Posti in the society

Posti’s most significant task in society is to ensure a smooth daily life for Finnish consumers and businesses. Each weekday, Posti visits the front door of some 2.8 million Finns, and serves approximately 200,000 business customers per year.

Our well-functioning and efficient service network enables us to provide reliable services for all of our customer groups in a socially responsible manner. We deal ethically, openly and transparently with all of our stakeholders. We use various channels to provide our stakeholders with information and enable them to interact with us.

Posti is the largest logistics company in Finland. We have over 320,000 m2 in warehousing capacity in Finland, more than 3,900 vehicles, and we drive over 117 million kilometers on Finnish roads every year. We offer the most comprehensive nationwide logistics network.

We ensure that the letter and parcel services that fall within the scope of universal service obligation are available to everyone. We are the only operator in Finland to provide five-day delivery services that cover the entire country. The universal service obligation covers the entire country, with the exception of the Åland Islands. The obligation is monitored by the Finnish Communications Regulatory Authority.

During the year, Posti delivered items that fall within the scope of the universal service obligation on five weekdays to all households in accordance with the Postal Act. In areas that are difficult to reach, we deviated from the five-weekday obligation in the case of approximately 116 households, with the maximum allowed number being 1,000. Posti processed 2,847 inquiries related to normal letters during the year. Of these inquiries, 189 items were declared as having been lost. The average response time for customer feedback was 5 days. Inquiries related to letter items represented 0.00040 percent of the total volume.

Postal Act reforms entered into force in 2017

As a result of digitalization, the postal industry is undergoing a historic transformation both in Finland and elsewhere around the world. More than 90% of the communications of consumers and companies are now in electronic form. The unfortunate fact is that the volume of paper letters and publications is falling continuously. With lower delivery volumes, delivery costs per letter and publication are increasing, which is why the new Postal Act was introduced to reform mail delivery.

The amendment to the Postal Act that entered into force on September 15, 2017, applies to universal service products, namely stamped letters and cards. For parcels, the universal service obligation covers parcels sent to addresses outside Finland and paid for with stamps. The delivery of newspapers and magazines is not covered by the Postal Act.

The reforms did not lead to direct changes for citizens. Five-day delivery of universal service letters continues in a large part of Finland, namely the areas that do not have early-morning delivery networks maintained by newspapers. In these areas, Posti will be required to arrange competitive bidding for delivery in 2018.

In urban areas, delivery on at least three days per week is allowed if the area in question has an early-morning delivery network for newspapers.

The provisions concerning delivery speed were amended to specify that at least 50 percent of universal service letters, i.e. stamped letters and cards, must be delivered by the fourth weekday.