Year 2017

Ethical business practices in the whole supply chain

Posti is committed to sustainable business and bearing its responsibility with respect to society, the environment and all of its stakeholders.

Posti has a Group-wide uniform sourcing policy that defines how the sourcing function and supplier cooperation are managed. The sourcing policy supports Posti’s strategy, environmental program and the Posti Corporate Responsibility Principles. It outlines decision-making responsibilities and responsibility boundaries, and it specifies the minimum requirements for the sourcing organization.

As part of responsible sourcing, Posti has defined its Supplier Code of Conduct . It covers legal and regulatory compliance, good business practices, principles concerning equality and non-discrimination, the avoidance of conflicts of interest, the prohibition of unethical commercial practices and environmental responsibility.

The Group’s partners are required to adhere to the Posti Corporate Responsibility Principles. They take into account the UN Global Compact principles, the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights and the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

In 2017, the Group deployed a new application environment for strategic sourcing. Known as the Posti Sourcing Portal, it is intended to enhance the management of suppliers, sourcing events and sourcing agreements, increase automation and transparency as well as improve cooperation between sourcing, suppliers and stakeholders. The Group also started a project to implement a new e-ordering application and automated invoice processing for Posti.

The Sourcing Portal improves Posti’s capacity to monitor the sustainability of the supply chain. Registering on the Sourcing Portal is a precondition for being approved as a Posti supplier. When registering on the portal, the supplier agrees to comply with Posti’s Supplier Code of Conduct and provides the requested information regarding its quality and environmental management systems.

A partner that enables growth

Through category management, Posti has identified key suppliers with which the company develops partnerships that enable mutual growth. In total, Posti has nearly 8,000 suppliers, of which roughly 100 are considered key suppliers. Posti looks to develop joint innovation activities with key suppliers with the aim of achieving mutual benefits by finding new and better ways of doing things.

Posti purchases services and products from Finnish companies for more than EUR 600 million each year. In 2017, about 96 percent of all of Posti’s purchases in Finland were from domestic suppliers.

Posti understands its customers’ needs regarding the sustainability of the supply chain and aims to audit all key suppliers according to a uniform process and model.

Posti’s sustainability performance receives another gold-level rating

Posti was awarded a gold-level rating for its sustainability performance by the international research company EcoVadis in 2017. With a score of 72/100, Posti ranked among the top five percent of companies in all industries worldwide.

EcoVadis helps businesses monitor their suppliers’ and partners’ operating practices related to ethical, social and environmental issues in more than 110 countries. EcoVadis assesses suppliers annually based on their overall sustainability performance.

Posti is also a member of Sedex (Supplier Ethical Data Exchange), the world’s largest cooperation platform for sharing information on ethical supply chains. Sedex has over 38,000 members representing more than 30 industries in over 150 countries.