Year 2017

GRI reporting

This corporate responsibility report is based on the GRI G4 guidelines (the Global Reporting Initiative). In addition, Posti complies with the reporting requirements of its owner, the Finnish State.

In accordance with the GRI guidelines, Posti focuses on factors that are key to its operations and essential to its stakeholders. Posti’s corporate responsibility report covers the key areas of economic, social and environmental responsibility. The report has not been subject to third-party assurance. According to Posti’s estimate, the corporate responsibility report corresponds to the G4 Core application level of the GRI guidelines. A summary of the comparison between the report contents and the reporting guidelines is presented in the GRI index.

Reporting boundary

Posti’s sustainability aspects, environmental indicators and HR indicators are reported annually for the same period as the financial figures (January 1–December 31). Key indicators for the different areas of sustainability are reported to the Audit Committee of the Board of Directors at least once per year.

Unless otherwise mentioned in context, the reporting covers all operations of the parent company and subsidiaries. Reporting covers all Group functions in all countries of operation. The coverage of the indicators is reported in connection with the indicators.

For figures related to personnel, the key indicators have been calculated in accordance with the Accounting Standards Board’s general guidelines on annual reports. In GRI reporting, the information concerning personnel is primarily based on the Group’s personnel in Finland.

The indicators for environmental responsibility cover the Group’s operations with the greatest environmental impact in all of its countries of operation. The environmental impacts of transport subcontracting are taken into account in Finland, Russia and the Baltic states. The environmental accounting applies the WBCSD (World Business Council for Sustainable Development) Greenhouse Gas (GHG) protocol and the GHG Inventory Standard for the Postal Sector protocol, which includes more detailed instructions for the postal industry.

The data and key indicators pertaining to financial responsibility are taken from the consolidated financial statements. Posti’s financial reports follow the International Financial Reporting Standards. Posti’s financial communication is described in more detail in the disclosure policy for financial communication.

Contact details

Noomi Jägerhorn, Head of Sustainability, noomi.jagerhorn (at)