Year 2017

Personnel development

Posti is the largest private employer in Finland. As a work community, Posti is equal, international and diverse.

The constantly changing business environment and the pursuit of new growth give rise to new competence requirements. Posti develops the competence of its personnel in new services and their ability to address the opportunities of digitalizing business. Needs are assessed in personal target and development discussions.

Skilled and motivated personnel are an essential starting point for Posti’s success and good results. Professional development is supported by providing employees with opportunities for on-the-job learning, support for self-motivated study and access to a range of training courses. The digital transformation of our business environment calls for new know-how, the capacity to learn new things and the ability to quickly adapt to changing circumstances.

At the supervisor and expert level, special focus is placed on supporting change management. In production, the line management training program for supervisors will continue with a focus on regionality and ensuring that the themes of the training are current. Good management is reflected not only in higher productivity, but also the commitment, well-being and competence development of Posti’s personnel.

A responsible employer

Posti’s VOICE employee survey is aimed at all employees. The questionnaire was conducted in September in Finland, Russia, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. More than 11,200 Posti employees completed the questionnaire, which represents 70 percent of all personnel (2016: 70%).

The scores improved slightly in all areas of the survey compared to the previous year. The dedication index was 39 percent (38%) and the performance facilitation index was 54 percent (52%). The dedication index indicates the extent to which the personnel are motivated to contribute to and willing to strive for reaching the goals of the organization. The performance facilitation index measures the extent of the organization’s commitment to producing excellent customer service and high-quality products or services and to basing its operations on the practices of continuous improvement.

The results of the questionnaire have been discussed by the Executive Board. A number of common themes were included in the action plan for 2018: prioritizing activities, highlighting the positives, management having an active presence in day-to-day operations and increasing dialog within the organization.

OpusCapita conducted a Trust Index employee survey in accordance with the Great Place to Work concept in late 2017. The questionnaire was completed by 319 employees, which represents 80 percent (84%) of all personnel. The Trust Index questionnaire is based on the idea that a great place to work is one where employees have trust in the management, take pride in what they do and enjoy working together with their colleagues. The questionnaire measures the achievement of these goals and the company’s management culture from the employee’s perspective. The Trust Index for 2017 was 62 percent. This represents a decrease from the previous questionnaire, but the internal comparison is not entirely relevant due to organizational restructuring measures. OpusCapita benchmarks its performance against the largest multinational corporations in Europe. The target is to elevate the result to a level above 80 percent.

Responsible Summer Job campaign

Posti received a total of 9,500 summer job applications and provided summer jobs to approximately 2,400 people across Finland. While the majority of the summer workers were employed in mail and publication delivery operations, some also worked in sorting, transport, warehouses, customer service and administration.

As in previous years, Posti again participated in the national Responsible Summer Job campaign. The campaign has seen Posti make a commitment to the principles of a good summer employer.

A summer job gives young people the opportunity to learn more about working life. Posti wants to offer young people unique experiences and diverse duties. A large proportion of Posti’s summer workers are students, many of whom come back to work summers at Posti time after time.

Multicultural employer

Posti has extensive experience of managing diversity and employing people with immigrant backgrounds. In Finland alone, our employees represent more than 80 nationalities. In 2017, Posti organized two recruitment events in cooperation with the Ohjaamo services of Helsinki and Vantaa, which led to about 30 people being hired in a permanent employment relationship in early-morning delivery in the capital region. Ohjaamo is an easy-access service point for young adults under 30 years of age. It provides diverse information and guidance on topics such as career planning, education and employment. Posti has been a member of Diversity Charter Finland since 2012. We were among the first companies in Finland to sign the charter. The dimensions of diversity include age, sex, ethnic origin, sexual orientation, operational capability and religion, among other aspects.