Year 2017

Good results achieved through work ability management

The postal industry is undergoing a major transformation, which is why Posti invests continuously in maintaining and supporting the work ability of its personnel. Supervisors, work ability experts and occupational health care play a key role in successful work ability management. Several measures related to ensuring work ability produced good results in 2017, leading to Posti’s sick leave rate declining to 5.9 percent from the previous year’s level of 6.6 percent.

Everyone is responsible for their own well-being and for maintaining their work ability. At the workplace, the supervisor is always responsible for ensuring work ability. Measures that are mutually agreed on by the supervisor and employee play a key role in supporting work ability. Employees can agree with their supervisors on solutions such as the use of assistive tools, short-term work arrangements or the acquisition of new skills. In addition to the supervisor, the HR managers, the Work Ability Manager, work ability expert, occupational health and safety personnel and occupational health care also provide support in ensuring work ability.

Posti uses the OmaTyöterveys telephone service, which is how all Posti employees establish first contact with occupational health care. The telephone service involves health care professionals assessing the employee’s situation, providing health-related counseling, granting short-term sick leave and, if necessary, referring the employee to occupational health care. The new service means that employees do not need to travel while sick to visit occupational health care in circumstances where there is no need for an in-person appointment, when treatment and rest at home are adequate.

Supervisors have access to the EsimiesKompassi (Supervisor Compass) system to support the management of absences and work ability. The feedback has been positive and the work ability management system has provided concrete support in the day-to-day management of work ability.

In addition to occupational health care services, Posti provides a diverse range of well-being services to employees. They include various sports and fitness services, support for independent physical exercise as well as support for workplace meals.

EUR 920,000 to be invested in well-being at work

Posti has a Foundation for Well-being at Work (in Finnish), established in 2006 with the purpose of helping personnel in the mail communications and logistics industry remain available to the labor market longer than before and supporting the physical health, mental wellness, rehabilitation and related holiday and sports activities of the current and retired employees of Posti Group’s Finnish companies (including OpusCapita) and their family members. The Foundation’s operations are divided into two areas: measures to improve well-being at work and research activities. The measures to improve well-being at work include fitness overhaul programs and other measures aimed at increasing physical activity. The Foundation’s research activities are aimed at influencing the work and working conditions in the mail communications and logistics industry. The operating expenses for 2018 are estimated at EUR 920,000.