Year 2017

Posti Green creates added value for customers

The vast majority, i.e. approximately 90 percent, of Posti’s carbon-dioxide emissions in Finland arise from transports and vehicle emissions. As the largest transport and delivery company in Finland, Posti plays a major role in the development of eco-friendly and energy efficient transportation systems.

Climate change is a global issue. Posti wants to contribute to mitigating climate change while serving as an example of sustainability to others. Posti’s successful environmental management also helps its customers reduce their environmental impact through the use of Posti’s services.

All of Posti’s services in Finland are carbon neutral Posti Green services. For customers, this means that the products and services they use do not cause carbon-dioxide emissions that they are accountable for. We also provide Posti Green emissions reporting free of charge to our customers.

The carbon-dioxide emissions arising from transport are reduced by combining transports and using route planning, smooth and safe driving styles and the renewal of the fleet. The remaining emissions are compensated for by participating in certified climate projects.

Economic and safe driving habits make a difference

Every vehicle in Posti’s own use is equipped with a system that monitors driving habits. The system is a daily tool in production activities, including supervisory work, planning, and operations management. The driving habit monitoring system collects data on the kilometers driven, as well as telematics and GPS data, which are used in periodic servicing and dispatching.

Since the deployment of the system, Posti has successfully reduced fuel and servicing costs. It has also been successful in improving occupational safety. The trend in insurance statistics has also been positive and the damage repair costs have fallen.

The scope of the monitoring now covers approximately 8,000 people. Every driver receives a regular report, or a link through which to print a report, on their own driving habits. The report allows drivers to monitor the development of their driving habits. A personal driving habit index helps drivers to develop a more economic way of driving (ecodriving) and promote safe driving habits. If necessary, driving habits are intervened in according to the process.

The data collected with the driving habit monitoring devices and the usage targets are developed actively. Development targets include the safety of production, efficiency, quality, customer experiences and new services.

Alternative vehicles and renewable energy

As the largest transport and delivery company in Finland, Posti plays a major role as a developer of eco-friendly transportation systems. We are pioneers in testing new vehicle models and technologies. We are also an active participant in testing alternative fuels.

In fleet decisions, Posti considers the vehicle’s full life cycle cost-effectiveness as well as its day-to-day usability with respect to the high demands of Posti’s delivery and transport operations. Posti’s fleet of more than 3,900 commercial vehicles in Finland recorded a total of 117 million kilometers in 2017 (114 million km). Posti’s subcontractors logged in roughly 104 million kilometers (80 million km).

Posti’s fleet of alternative vehicles includes some 40 biogas vehicles that run on the 100-percent renewable Finnish Gasum biogas. Its use does not generate fine particulate matters harmful to health, and the greenhouse gas emissions during the fuel’s life cycle are minor.

Posti added its first ethanol diesel truck to the fleet in 2017. The purchase of the 18-ton truck powered by an ethanol diesel engine is related to Posti’s aim of testing alternative fuel vehicles and adopting the best vehicle solutions in day-to-day operations. RED95 ethanol diesel reduces the fossil-based CO2 emissions of heavy transport by as much as 90 percent and local emissions by as much as 80 percent. RED95 ethanol diesel is produced from Finnish waste at Finnish production plants.

Posti also purchased five new right-hand drive electric vans. In addition to electric cars, we are testing vehicles such as electric freight scooters in our mail delivery operations, and we also have electrically assisted delivery carts and bicycles in use.

Increasing the number of electric cars in delivery is challenging. Electric cars that are compatible with the winter conditions in Finland and meet the criteria set by every aspect of delivery have so far not been available on the market. The car must be able to transport enough load and to operate at least reasonable routes without recharging in between, also in winter conditions. A further challenge is that the coverage of the charging network is not yet sufficient.

During the reporting year, Posti added its first HCT (High Capacity Transport) truck to its fleet. Used in food transport, the HCT truck has a transport capacity of approximately 200 m3, which is 30 percent higher than our normal-sized trucks. This significantly reduces the carbon-dioxide emissions from transport.

Mail is also delivered on bicycles and on foot. Every day, around 1,750 delivery routes – approximately 38 percent of all routes – are gone through with delivery bikes and delivery carts, on foot. The majority of the delivery bikes and carts are electrically assisted.

Posti Green service model

All of Posti’s services in Finland are carbon neutral Posti Green services that generate no emissions for customers.

The product-specific Posti Green calculation process and customer reporting was verified by a third party in summer 2016.