Year 2017

Did you know that e-commerce is growingat a rate of ca. 10 percent per year?

Letter volumes are declining whileparcel volumes are breaking records.

The change is clear to see:last year, we delivered more parcelsand goods than ever before.

People’s daily lives are also changing:they increasingly want their servicesdelivered to their front door, around the clock.

For Posti, this means tremendous growth opportunities...

...after all, we visit the front door ofabout 3 million Finns on every weekday.

We are facing a turning point.We need to set a clear future directionand respond to our customers’ wishes.

Food logistics is a natural growth area in which we can leverageour existing delivery network.

Our future lies firmly in parcels and logistics.

It lies in everyday partnershipswith companies as well as consumers.

How will you spend the timeyou save by using e-commerce?

The letter is not about to disappear.It is about to reinvent itself.

Digitalization can keeptraditional mail meaningful forboth the sender and the receiver.

How is this accomplished? We will extend thelife cycle of paper communicationsby converting letters into a digitalchannel for customer communications.

The proliferation of smart digital devices has led to a growing desire among our customers to track and redirect their mail items.

Even though tracking andredirecting has been possible forregistered items for several years...

...We are now, as one of the firstpostal operators in the world, developingdigital tracking for all addressed items.

Digital tracking will enableus to react faster to changesin item volumes, for example.

Going forward, we will also communicatethe progress of items to recipients in betterand more digital ways.

It is time to usher in the new letter.

Posti’s mobile applicationsalready have hundreds of thousandsof active users each month.

This is a good start, but we must think big:We want to develop mobile applicationsthat make it to the top of the Finnish download charts.

We will also launch othernew digital services and business models.

We will take advantage of digitalizationto ensure everybody wins:

Our customers will enjoyan even better service experience.

For us, the new technology andautomation will provide greater efficiencyand help us maintain high quality.

Posti proudly presents:one of our key digital projects,Posti Mobile, known around here as PoMo.

The development of PoMohas been driven by our employees’ ideas.

Today, almost all of our delivery personnelhave a PoMo device. Posti’s drivers and subcontractors won’t have to get theirs.

Posti’s solutions will make yourdaily life more convenient,and digital technology is at their core.

Did you know ?


Smartpost parcel lockers prove popular

Smartpost parcel lockers installed in the lobbies of residential buildings were very well received. Agreements on parcel lockers were signed with property developers, lessors, retail chains and other companies.

Multiple awards for stamps

The Snow Castle stamp won the PostEurop EUROPA stamp competition, while the Everyman’s Rights stamp won the “Oscar” of philately. The Ice Crystal stamp won second prize in two categories in the Nexofil competition.

PoMo device now used by 8,000 delivery personnel

One of the key digital projects was Posti Mobile (PoMo), with employees genuinely involved in its development. In addition to delivery personnel, drivers and subcontractors will soon begin using the device as well.

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